You're sorting through some stuff and you stumble upon your old yearbook. Wow!" you exclaim. "Look at me, I look great! What happened? When did I stop caring? When did Motley Crue become classic rock?" and "When did my tapered leg Gloria Vanderbilt's suddenly fall into the dreaded Mom Jean category?" Suddenly you find yourself listening to Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield" and longing for a better time. A simpler time...a time when thirty would never come and you still felt in touch.

This all too familiar scenario is exactly why the girls at Urban Image Style Studio started their crusade... their Style Jihad if you will. I don't care who you are; we have all felt helpless when it comes to finding our personal style. Is this outfit age appropriate? Is my hairstyle really flattering or are my girlfriends being passive aggressive? Please someone just tell me the truth. Well you have come to right place.

Here at Urban Image it's our goal to make the transition from funky adolescent, clueless adult, or new mom who fell off the fashion train to STYLE ICON as easy and painless as possible. It doesn't matter what age we are. We have all had that one time in our life where the stars briefly aligned for us and we felt unstoppable when it came to our sense of style. Sadly for most of us that heavenly moment vanished and we were left alone still clinging to the glory years, trying to make the Dorthy Hamill or David Cassidy work in 2006. Come to us, for we have assembled a crack team of hair stylists and Image Consultants to lead you gently into a beautiful place we like to call "reality".
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